The Make Your City Wild project is a two person team of Mathew Curran and Cassie Jo.

Mathew is a stencil artist who he wants to engage the community in a fun way by leaving artwork during our travels.  He creates the artwork which is spray painted onto cut wood.

These stenciled creatures are left around cities in a scavenger hunt type of interaction with the community in hopes to see where they end up throughout the world.  We'd love to spread awareness in our communities of the animals who are losing their natural habitats because of the rapid growth in cities that are slowly pushing them further and further away.  We may not create a big change but any change and awareness is our goal. 

If you find one of our animals, please send us an email with your photo in its new environment or tag us @makeyourcitywild & hashtag us at #makeyourcitywild on Instagram.  We would love to see who's home they go to and will gladly repost your images.

Our goal is to "Rewild" our planet =)